After 25 years of successfully developing enterprise-grade web applications for a diversity of industries, we know we owe our success to our international community of engaged employees who all share a passion for digitization and enterprise software.

We can’t wait to tell you about our team.


Who we are

More than 900 colleagues

Every person at mgm went through our same rigorous hiring process, from submitting work for review to meeting us for an in-person interview. We’ve grown sustainably and will continue to do so in the coming years.

19 international offices

Founded and headquartered in Munich, mgm technology partners now has 19 offices all over the world, including Prague, Washington D.C., Grenoble, Salzburg, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City.


There is only one thing that we are more proud of than our projects: our team. We are a group of dedicated, smart, and friendly people. We work in a supportive environment and our cooperation centers on mutual and sustained respect.


We live and breathe for our projects and our customers, and we thrive because we get to develop cutting-edge enterprise software. We prioritize thrilling our customers and do best when we can share our enthusiasm for our projects.


IT isn’t a stagnant industry and we aren’t a stagnant company. We love developing innovative solutions to complicated problems and weaving them into our clients’ existing technological infrastructure.

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What we do

Hamarz Mehmanesh

The founder and CEO of mgm gives an overview of what mgm does, how we collaborate, and the secret to our success over the past 25 years.

Custom IT services

mgm technology partners creates custom, secure, high-quality software solutions for enterprise customers. The team relies on model-based software development, a proprietary low-code platform called A12, and client partnerships to build robust and personalized tools. Our model allows us to outpace the slow speed and high cost of hand-coded systems.


Projects & Tech Stack

Our projects, like our clients, are diverse; for example, we’ve digitized insurance products, created enterprise-grade e-commerce shops, and developed complicated platforms for public sector clients. We prioritize long-term thinking and flexibility so that our team can remain agile in the face of volatile market forces but firm against trendy, unnecessary investments. Most of our customers have worked with us for several years, with many over a decade or more. We take responsibility for application maintenance and digital transformation of legacy systems. Learn more about our references here.
Software & technology
Beyond A12, our flagship low-code development platform, we rely on Java/JEE and Spring for most of our backend development. Our frontend runs on JavaScript, Typescript, React, and Redux. Our e-commerce projects use SAP CX (Hybris). We use Hadoop clusters for data processing and Hazelcast for number crunching.
Technical project infrastructure
We rely on Agile frameworks and DevOps processes to continuously produce and deploy high-quality code. We work with both on-premise and cloud solutions like Kubernetes and AWS. Finally, we use a host of other tools including BitBucket, Maven, Apache Solr, PostgreSQL, and Docker to organize and deploy our projects.
Development process
Every project starts with the customer and with the project – we know that every undertaking requires a balance of the right people and the right skills to create the right team. Once that team is set, we individualize our Scrum/Kanban-based approach to the project and use Atlassian Jira to organize communication across the team. Further, every person at mgm works both vertically (project-specific) and horizontally (skill-specific), creating clusters of experts that serve interdepartmentally. These skills include topics like UX/UI, data science, and cybersecurity. These horizontal teams serve as internal consultants, and are in charge of creating best practices and testing new ideas to benefit the entirety of the company.

Our culture

Deep expertise
Everyone at mgm technology partners has a passion for their field. We employ specialists, and we expect them to have mastery over the tools they use and extensive knowledge of the industries in which they work.
Holistic appreciation
We weave trust into the fabric of our culture; no one fears fake positivity nor ranting negative feedback. We discard the idea of the “perfect employee” and value everyone at the company, complete with all their faults.
Professional development
Education never stops at mgm. Every mgmie has access to our training library, which has courses in everything from Agile to web security. Employees also teach and train in monthly, company-wide “Tech Fridays”.
Team environment
Even though we’re a client-based company, we’re not a staffing firm; we don’t hire people only to subcontract them out. Regardless of their individual projects, mgmies work at their local office alongside their peers.
Advanced equipment
We offer state-of-the-art hardware, a choice in operating system, ergonomic desks, and as many monitors as they need. We give every employee administrative privileges to customize their computer as they see fit.
International focus
More than 850 people from 17 different cities choose mgm technology partners as their employer. We speak over 100 languages, represent 40 nationalities, and have offices that span Europe, Asia, and North America.
Diverse colleagues
mgm draws people who span all spectrums of education, race, sex, age, skills, work experience, disabilities, sexual orientations, and religions. We value the creativity that often comes from conflicting perspectives.
Personal independence
Careers at mgm are non-linear. We employ a flat structure and unshackle employees from formal job titles; we want our employees to enjoy the freedom of exploring different projects, ideas, and roles across our teams.
Communal environment
We recognize that the office is more than a place we work; here, we also play, party, eat, and drink together. We invest in our environment, which includes chic décor, ample community space, and plenty of snacks.
Workplace pride
We are no strangers to “swag.” mgmies love spending time together and take a deep pride in their work. One quality we always look for while hiring is passion - we invest in people who love what they do.
Work-life harmony
We respect that before the workday and after the end, employees have their own lives and families. We’re proud that there’s a 2:1 ratio between our employees and their children, representing personal stability.
Financial wellbeing
mgm keeps close track of local salary rates and gives raises based on annual performance reviews. Retirement benefits, birthday gifts, and holiday bonuses vary based on employment duration and location.

What our employees say

Curious about what mgmies actually spend their time doing? Check out these interviews with current mgmies. These videos take a close look at what mgmies do during the day and why they enjoy working at mgm.

We regularly touch base with our employees and actively seek out feedback during annual reviews. We are proud to sustain positive feedback over our 25 years as a business.

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